Buckle-Up Driving School is the best solution for Los Angeles driver’s safety classes, no matter what compels you to enroll. We are state certified and offer the most modern approaches for learning defensive driving and the rules of the road. You can rest assured that you will leave from the care of our skilled instructors with the tools necessary to keep you safely commuting. Our Van Nuys location is open every day of the week and produces some of the finest motorists in California, much less L.A. County. If you are considering the prospect of behind-the-wheel training, putting your trust in us can be your first step towards becoming a more conscientious driver. Our classes are competitively priced, but you would never know it judging from the exceptional service you will receive.

  • Tickets - Los Angeles allows many people to waive most of the penalties associated with getting a traffic ticket. By pleading guilty and taking a driver’s education class, you can avoid insurance rate increases, and you can even avoid having points added to your record at the DMV.
  • Insurance - Insurance companies simply love driving schools because they have such a positive impact on road safety. Most offer an instant discount just for having attended a class, which can lower your rates substantially.
  • Licensure – Minors living in the state of California are required to attend a minimum six hours of supervised instruction before they are allowed to get their learner’s permit. We offer classes that satisfy this requirement and even one that goes beyond it.
  • Safety – Operating a motor vehicle is the most dangerous thing many people do on a daily basis. Attending our esteemed school can teach you how to drive defensively, which will make you a much more aware and safer driver.

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